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Cost is always associated with quality!! We want to equate cost and quality – Providing useful tools with great value for money. We believe everyone should not be limited by cost to get almost the same value.

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Our Birth

JOAVANI is a growing brand with increasing portfolio. Started based on a partnership between two couple. The pair found their vission working on DIY home improvement and crafting project but often lacking the desired tool needed due to cost, portability, and desired quality of value.

Our goal or mission is to simplifiy your life by providing you quality tools to get that job done as quickly as possinle irrespective of your location.  Thats why our main focus is on tools that can be used anywhere; by anyone irrespective of your gender status, or age.

As a DIY hobbyst we share that passion you have to improve your home, work on your garden, improve your kitchen, complete that exciting crafting project and most of all have fun doing it.

Even if you are workman, we want to see you succeed, work on the move,  and get your job done efficiently while having fun.

Thanks you for your support!

Your team – JOAVANI

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Official launch year – Less then 3 months Later

Officially we lauched our brand at the end of March, and applied for trademark.

Stay with us. Exciting year ahead

Our Team

jonathan photo

Jonathan O.


An engineering background and an experience as a electronic test engineer. Now he spends few hours weekly, testing new product ideas and sometimes providing technical support to customers.

Stephanie S (Dr. In-view)


A bio-informatician by profession with extensive hobbyist knowledge in web development, finance and data manipulation. She make sure customers are satisfied and maintain our finance (refunds, and replacment orders).

Harris S

Product Development

Also an engineer with the third eye view of our product development and material sourcing. On his spare time he likes the idea of a being called a full stack computer engineer.