JOAVANI Cordless Electric Scissors

Make your life easier and breeze through your crafting project with the Joavani Cordless Electric Scissors.

Key Features

The JOAVANI electric scissors can replace your typical shears you use regularly making you complete your cutting project fast.
Some key features includes:-

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Safety Lock

The trigger buttom was designed for safe operation. No accidental operation

Variety Cutting Options

You can cut variety materials such as fabric, leather, cardboard, thin metal, papers for craft, and a  lot more.

-5dB Lower Noise

Using an improved motor for superior noise performance (5-7dB less) compared to other brands.

Replaceable Battery

The battery is replaceable and we included  an extra one  for you as a backup.

Fast Charging

Super fast charging time allowing you to use one battery while charging the other without loosing any cutting time.

Replaceable Cutter Head

If the blades get blunt, you can either sharpen it or simply replace the cutter head with our replacement kit.

JOAVANI Cordless Shears Cuts!

“D” blade can cut through layers of fabric, felt, Carpet backing, Cotton Fabric, Rose stems, while the O Blade powers through solid cardboard, carpet, leather, plastic packaging, foils, and even thin sheet metals etc.

FAQ – JOAVANI Cordless Scissors

Yes it can cut Tin/Aluminum sheet metal using the right blade. The maximum tickness for sheet metal is 0.35mm (1/64 in). Please do not exceed this to avoid damage.

Aside the 30/45 day amazon return policy, the JOAVANI electric scissors have a limited warranty of 1 year. If the scissors cutter (excluding the battery and cutter head) get damaged before or within the warranty period, we will offer a repair service or replace the units.

If your package did not come with a warranty card/quality promise, please use our contact form to request for an electronic warranty card. You will need your email address and order number.

Please claim your warranty before the 30/45 day return window. After 30/45 days from your date of purchase we may not offer any warranty to you if its not claimed.

We have not included any warranty card because we only cover customers who bought directly from us. Unfortunately we cannot offer you a warranty If you bought from an unathorized third party seller who bloat our price.

Yes, the Joavan cordless shear can cut solid and currugated cardboard. For solid cardboard not more than 1.8mm (1/16 in) in tickness, use the “D” blade, while for corrugated cardboard not more than 5mm (3/16 in) use the “O” blade.

You can cut variety of materials. Customers has reported more than what we have so far recommended it for cutting. We are not promising anything more other than the materials we have fully tested using our electronic scissors. Please see the image below.

joavani cutting capacity and maetrials

Every electronic tool using an electric DC motor is somehow noisy. The question should be how much noisy? Well the no-load noise for our electric scissors is slightly above human conversation level and the loaded noise depends entirely on the materials you are cutting.

As at the time of this writing our scissors has shown significant noise performance (-5dB to -7dB) compared to most electric scissors in the market. Please note that, above human conversation level is still consIdered noisy before you purchase this tool.

No it comes in its own unique packaging. It doesnt look bad and can be stored indoors. Please see images at the top of  this page

Yes you can buy a replacement kit from us. We recommend you use only our replacement part. You have the option to replace the cutter heads (“O” and “D”) and the battery. For the cutter head use the link:

For the battery, please get in touch with us. Since we dont expect the battery to get bad so fast, we only have limited stock.

Yes you can sharpen the blade. However we dont recommend you do that, because the cutting can actually get bad if not done properly. For this reason we provide a replacement kit at a fairly good price.

We will make a video soon to cover how to sharpen it for those who prefer to do that.

Unfortunately Not!!

JOAVANI scissors can not stop fraying on silk fabric or even any kind of fabrics that frays. As usual special care still needs to be taken for such a delicate fabric when cutting or handling irrespective of the tool you use.

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